Macrozoobenthic community structure in a poikilohaline Mediterranean lagoon (Laki Lagoon, northern Aegean)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:Mogias, A, Kevrekidis, T
Journal:Helgol Mar Res
Start Page:167
Date Published:02/2005
Keywords:community structure, lagoon, macrozoobenthos, Predation pressure, salinity

The community structure of the macrobenthic fauna was studied in the overall area of Laki Lagoon in September 1997 (salinity 32–35 psu) and monthly from February 1998 to February 1999 in the innermost part of the lagoon (salinity 0.1–6.8 psu). Community struc- ture was analyzed by means of uni- and multivariate methods. In September 1997, the macrofauna in the outer part of the lagoon was characterized by a higher diversity and the occurrence of both lagoonal and marine species, and in the innermost part by a higher total abundance and the occurrence of a few lagoonal species. The combination of distance from the sea, depth, salinity and sediment organic matter correlated best with the spatial distribution pattern of the macro- benthic fauna. Community structure in the innermost part of the lagoon showed a seasonal periodicity. Species composition during spring 1998, at 0.1–2.0 psu, was similar to that in September 1997. During summer the macrobenthic fauna became impoverished, but recov- ered from late summer onwards. The salinity increase during summer (up to 5–7 psu) was followed by the appearance of marine species in the innermost part of the lagoon. Total abundance displayed a peak in late spring and a lower one in mid-autumn. The seasonal dynamics of the faunal assemblage was mainly governed by water temperature. Predation pressure by Atherina boyeri may have contributed to quantitative community changes during autumn.

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